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March 29, 2023

Short-Term Rental Management Adelaide

Try Short-Term Rental Management in Adelaide to Boost Income

For those with investment properties sitting idle or those first looking to enter the market of rental income, the best solution is short-term rental management in Adelaide. There are several significant advantages to this model of property investment that bear consideration.

Benefits of Short-Term Property Management in Adelaide

Short-term rentals and property management are two distinct facets of one successful investment strategy and each offer advantages that build upon each other.

  • Property management permits you as the owner to spend your time focusing on family, your primary work, and living the life you want to live. Effective property managers keep houses in good order and are responsive to tenant needs on your behalf, alerting you only in emergencies and keeping you apprised of general performance and maintenance requirements.
  • Short-term rentals increase income potential by hosting renters at significantly higher day-rates rather than discounted monthly rates. They also have the potential to remain far more occupied, as transient visitors do not need to commit to 6, 12, or 24-month leases.
  • Combining the two, you encounter the concept of property managers who assist you by keeping a regular rotation of short-term renters, multiplying the rental revenue of a single property and allowing for rapid reinvestment and diversifying a successful portfolio.

Tips Regarding Vacation Rental Management in Adelaide

We’re happy to offer you several tips to consistently improve your investment property performance.

  • Invest in new properties in attractive parts of town. With the help of property managers, you can safely increase the number of houses you rent out to increase your income without increasing the amount of time you must spend tending to them.
  • Take full advantage of our styling suggestions and service. The combination of an attractive part of the city with beautiful interiors and quality furniture and amenities dramatically increases the odds that your property will see 90+% occupation.
  • Let us handle your Airbnb listings so you can ensure that the highest number of high-quality renters seeking accommodation see your property. Airbnb is a fantastic platform that has helped many homeowners with investment properties see far better returns than they’d ever expected on their rental properties.

Why trust My Easy BNB Regarding Short-Term Rental Property Management in Adelaide

My Easy BNB is enthusiastic and focused on providing the best possible service in short-term rental property management. The complex operations involved in taking property from a vacant money sink to a vibrant, lucrative asset are not easily learned but through hard-earned experience. We’ve made this process our business and are eager to share the benefits of our hard work with our fellow Australians with rental properties.

We understand the concerns that many property owners may have upon entering this market, so we’re happy to share example case studies as well as the theory behind successful strategies. Our services extend from initial cleaning and redesign to maintenance and online support between your clients. Reap the rewards of high ratings on the top-performing short-term rental website, Airbnb. Contact us today to take your property from dud to stud.

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